Words of Appreciation that motivate Asraya Volunters

DR.M. KRISHNAN NAIR (Founder Director, Regional Cancer Center)

I am very happy to congratulate you on the ten years of service you have done in Regional Cancer Center. All of you can be proud of what you have been able to achieve in spite of the strict discipline within the four walls of the hospital. It was with many doubts that I gave you permission to work within the hospital. But now I am satisfied when I see your success. All of those whom you have helped will remember you with gratitude. I pray that God Almighty will bless you and your co-workers so that you can continue to reach out and cater to others’ needs and serve them.

DR.B.RAJAN (Director, Regional Cancer Center)

I am extremely delighted to write this note of appreciation regarding the activities of Asraya This voluntary organization that began its activities in REGIONAL CANCER CENTRE, exclusively for its patients, has contributed much by its most sincere and dedicated services. It has helped RCC by involving heavily in the construction of a waiting shed for patients and relatives. The members provide social, emotional, financial and such other supportive assistance to many of our needy patients. We gladly note that they bring hope to our patients. I wish their activities all success and personally I am hoping that I could associate myself with such an organization.

Dr. MANJULA (Former Doctor of RCC in charge of Asraya)

Asraya members are not interested in positions of superiority, and not attracted to fame or wealth. They are not anxious about the vast amount of work to be tackled. May God bless the type of work they are doing and help them to continue their good work.


Cured cancer patients require job modification, job training and employment to look after themselves and their families. Families who lost their dear ones due to cancer also need good support and rehabilitation. So, I congratulate Asraya for the services given to our cancer patients and their families.


Death is not extinguishing the lamp. It is only turning down of the light because the dawn has come (Tagore). The work of Asraya is commendable. Their involvement within the Regional Cancer Center contributes considerably to patient and family comfort.

SURENDRAN CHUNAKARA (Public Relations Officer)

For RCC to be able to succeed in treating a deadly disease like Cancer, society should come forward to help the poor. To remove the endless pain and fear of the poor patients we need people who care for others. Asraya has come forward to serve humanity and to care for the patients.

Sr. KUMARI THANKAM .S. (Former Nursing Staff in Charge) Palliative Care Division

“Asraya volunteers form not only an integral part of our Palliative Care team but also contribute considerably to the Institution’s needs with respect to patient care. Their selfless service in helping those with advanced malignancy is exceptional and is to be appreciated. Volunteer involvement in the daily activities of the Palliative Care division help in solving ‘insurmountable problems and helps in the delivery of good quality Palliative Care Service’. “The division of Palliative Care in particular, sincerely cherishes their time , talents and treasures which they have willfully kept at the disposal of the beleaguered cancer patients. May God Almighty continue to sustain them and bless their efforts manifold in the days to come.”


“A Group of humanitarian housewives and retired career women formed an organisation named ASRAYA, registered it under the Charitable Societies Registration Act and commenced its work in July 1996 at the Regional Cancer Centre. They were mainly motivated by concern for the poor and suffering patients.”

“ASRAYA should be a model for other philanthropic organisations. We greatly appreciate their service and have immense pleasure in selecting them for the Pullikkottil Mathew and Chinnamma Mathew Memorial Award 2006 instituted by their children, Sheila Thomas and Reema Mathew.”