Brief Intro

Asraya is a ladies’ volunteer organization (Reg. No. T 1684/99).  It was started by Mrs Santha Jose in the prestigious Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum when there were no other welfare agencies providing this level of support in this hospital.

The seed sown in 1996 has now grown into a huge multi-branched tree, capable of providing shelter and relief to thousands of cancer victims and their families. Through their various voluntary activities, Asraya touches all aspects of cancer care at a very basic level – the sort of tender care a mother is able to provide her sick child. Each of the 400 volunteers of this organization is ‘Asraya Aunty’ to the patients

.Asraya has been rendering exemplary service in this field for the past  21 years under the guidance and hard work of its founder President  Mrs. Santha Jose and its  400 Asraya volunteers

Programs of Asraya

  • Cancer Awareness Classes & Detection Camps
  • Chemotherapy Support
  • Financial Aid
  • Guidance at Out-Patient stage
  • Lymphoedema Services
  • Palliative Support
  • Pediatric patient support
  • Welfare- Education and Rehabilitation
  • Volunteer Training
  • Help with transport for needy


  1. In the hospital premises
  • To help cancer patients fight the disease with dignity.
  • To provide emotional, physical, and financial support to the patients and their families by
    • Alleviating suffering – be it through a listening ear, a soothing touch, and counseling;
    • Providing money, food, or clothing
    • Giving information about health, short-stay-homes near the hospital, welfare and insurance schemes provided by the Government.

2. In society

To rehabilitate cancer survivors and their dependents and make them self-reliant by

  • Providing means of livelihood to the widows and other family members.
  • Arranging financial help for education of children, marriage of daughters. 
  • Educating the layman on the need for early detection and prevention of cancer.


  • Lions Excellence Award 2017
  • Pratheeksha Puraskaram 2016-17 Thrillode Palghat