Educational Support

  • Asraya started this with a view to help continue the education of children of cancer affected families who are in poor financial state.
  • The purpose of this support is to educate the children so that they may get a livelihood means and support the affected family.

Educational Aid

  • Asraya gives educational support to Children who are recovering from cancer- 5th std onwards
  • Children of Patients- 8th std onwards
  • After 10th /12th std, job oriented courses.are given preference.

Mode of payement

  • Monthly aid
  • Semester fee
  • Hostel fee
  • One time help

Nature of help

  • Foster mothers are assigned to children.
  • They are in constant touch with the children. They give them emotional support as well as guidance in studies and other matters.
  • Annual Snehasangamom of beneficiary students is conducted for those who have passed 10th and 12th classes, and for those who are professionally qualified.
  • Also children are given course guidance by experts to help them in choosing their further studies. In addition they are given an exposure to the various courses they can choose according to their dreams and capacities.
  • Asraya provides placement help through various governmental and non governmental agencies.