Asraya provides rehabilitation support in the following ways:

A) Self employment

The families are deep in debt after treatment. Asraya helps them by providing capital to start small businesses, grocery shops, buying autorickshaws , beauty parlours, musical instruments for a music teacher,purchase cow, goats, hens etc. and provide sewing machines to those who know stitching. Asraya’s self–employment schemes are mainly for women whose husbands are patients or are widows.

This year Asraya gave 14 sewing machines. To women who are keen on selling clothes Asraya give them a down-payment for buying their 1 st set of dresses so that they can start a shop or for door to door sales. Asraya also financed a lady to start a beauty parlour. To those who are less literate and live in very rural areas Asraya give poultry or goats. To those who live in coastal areas Asraya help them to sell dried fish and a few vegetables.

B) Marriage

Financial support for marriage of daughters of cancer patients and also cancer survivors..

C) Housing

Maintenance of houses and toilet construction.

D) Pension

Monthly pension to very aged people/ patients / family having no source of income.

!8 persons are being given monthly pensions ranging from Rs500 to Rs.1000.