Asraya has evolved over the past 21 years from a group of a few housewives wanting to help the poor patients of RCC in whichever way they could to an army of over 400 ladies, who are well organized and who give their best efforts in a planned and dedicated manner for the underprivileged cancer patients of RCC. The service we do, not only bring great relief to the lives of the patients and their families, but also bring love and light into our hearts.

The essence of Asraya is not sectarian or religion based, we are a completely secular group belonging to various socio-economic and religious background. Each of us has reaped a bountiful dividend of love by giving. Asraya hopes to hand over this torch of love and care to the future generations.

I would like to thank the doctors, nursing staff and administrative staff of RCC, who have allowed, encouraged and tutored us to work as a part of the RCC fraternity.

On a last note, which is the most important, I would like to thank the hundreds of people who have donated so generously without whose support the activities of Asraya would not have been possible. We have been working shoulder to shoulder with communities at home and abroad, with whose help we have planted and watered the seeds of hope for thousands of suffering cancer patients and their families. Together let us serve the poor and needy cancer patients.