About us

“When my life is measured in months, weeks, days, hours, I want to live free of pain, free of indignity, free of loneliness; give me your hand, give me your understanding, give me your love, then let me go peacefully and help my family to understand (a Cancer Patient’s Prayer)

We talk to them assuring them that “No matter what happens to you we will not desert you”. When I am tired a hand should be near, when I am in pain I need consolation, heart must touch heart, if not what is the use of sympathy.

Our team is well organized and we give our best efforts in a planned and dedicated manner for the underprivileged
cancer patients of RCC. The service we do, not only brings great relief to the lives of the patients and their families,
but also brings love and light into our hearts. The essence of Asraya is not sectarian or religion based, we are.
a completely secular group belonging to various socio-economic and religious backgrounds. Each of us has
reaped a bountiful dividend of love by giving.

The RCC doctors and nursing staff regularly impart necessary training to the Asraya volunteers to make them
proficient in their endeavor. A heart-felt thanks to each and every staff of the hospital for encouraging us to greater
heights in our work.

Our Organisation​

General Body comprises of all members (400+) and meets twice a year at least.

Executive Committee comprises of President and other Office Bearers and meets every month on the second Wednesday. All important decisions are taken by this Committee.

Work in the hospital
We have our Week Day Groups which includes –

Chemotherapy group
Lymphodoema Group
Finance group
Palliative Group
On an average there are at least 12 volunteers helping in the hospital on a daily basis

Work in Society

Welfare Committees comprises of

  • Rehabilitation committee
  • Education committee

These committees meet once in a month to decide on scholarships and other welfare schemes for our patients and their families.