1. Medical Aid

  • Towards expensive Chemotherapy medicines and other Medicines from outside.
  • Towards surgery for the needy in special cases.
  • Daily Total Distribution of Rs.20,000 to Rs. 25,000 to cancer patients to meet their daily medical expense, food and travel.
  • Crediting money to RCC accounts of patients for their treatment, when credit under various government schemes are exhausted.
  • Financial support for Prosthesis for post-surgery patients, such as artificial limbs, colostomy bags, breast support, voice box etc.


a) Education

  • Monthly aid, course fees, hostel fees and other help given to the students who are given educational support. At present Asraya supports more than 400 students at various levels of education.
  • Snehasangamam  – Payment towards travelling expenses and awards for the students attending the annual get together and other cost of the meeting.

b) Rehabilitation

  • Self employment – Asraya helps cancer affected families to be self employed by providing capital to start small business, grocery shops, purchase cow, goats, hens etc. and provide sewing machines to those who know stitching.
  • Marriage – Financial support for marriage of daughters of cancer patients and also cancer survivors.
  • Housing – Maintenance of houses and toilet construction.
  • Medical camps – For early detection and guidance.
  • Pension – Monthly pension of Rs,500/- to patients / family having no source of income.

3. Other expenses, amenities and entertainment for patients.

  • For Onam, Christmas / New year, Asraya distributes sheets, Sarees, Nighties, towels etc to cancer patients and gifts and sweets to pediatric patients.
  • Transportation cost for immobile patients and ambulance charges for transporting dead patients back to home.
  • Rs. 1000/- as bereavement expense to the family of the deceased patients

4. Fund Raising Activities

 First time asraya conducted a food festival in 2017 and found it is effective in generating fund for the cancer patients of RCC and we repeated it in Feb 2018 also. Asraya volunteers utilised their  culinary expertise in making food items free of cost and donated .This include variety of non vegetarian(chicken,beef.pork,mutton), different kind of rice preparation,savouries,cakes,sweets,puddings.pickles,juices etc. The live kitchen for snacks and appam was an added attraction. It was well appreciated by the public The stalls organised by different entrepreneurs contributed to the income so also The food festival was a grand success and we could generate around Rs. 8,00,000/- through 2018 Food Festival.