Our Organisation

General Body comprises of all members (300+) and meets twice a year at least.

Executive Committee comprises of President and other Office Bearers and meets every month on the second Wednesday. All important decisions are taken by this Committee.


Work in the hospital
We have our Week Day Groups which includes –
Chemotherapy group
Lymphodoema Group
Finance group
Palliative Group
On an average there are at least 12 volunteers helping in the hospital on a daily basis

Work in Society

Welfare Committees comprises of

  • Rehabilitation committee
  • Education committee

These committees meet once in a month to decide on scholarships and other welfare schemes for our patients and their families.




I am Francis, a 19 year old native of a remote village in Trissur district undergoing treatment for cancer in R.C.C from 2009 onwards. Both my parents are patients and unable to earn a livelihood. When I was studying in the 8th standard, I was diagnosed with cancer.

The first course of treatment was for six months. It was during this time that I met Santha Madam. Touched by my pathetic condition, poor family background, and lack of family support, the Asraya family showered me with love and affection. From that moment, I got a lot of care and support from Asraya. Asraya also arranged free accommodation for me at a care home from where I got love and affection.

After treatment for two and a half years, I had to come to R.C.C for monthly checkup. Unfortunately, by the end of 2013 I had to restart treatment since the disease relapsed. Asraya helps me and my family financially and also gives me emotional support. I thank all the members of the Asraya family.


My name is Bessie. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2010, but I could not come to the hospital due to lack of funds. I met the Asraya volunteers when they came to our village to conduct an early detection camp. It was with their help and encouragement that I started treatment.

I have two young daughters. We are very poor, and I am unable to work for a living. The hut in which we were living was on the verge of collapse. When the Asraya members saw the condition of my house, they agreed to help me. In 5-6 months my house was rebuilt. I have no words to express my gratitude to Asraya, without whose help we would never have had the security and comfort of this house. I am continuing my treatment and am much better now. All this is because of Asraya.


I am Jubin. When I was two years old, my father died in an accident. So it was my mother’s sole responsibility to bring me up, and I was very much attached to her. She gave me the love of both father and mother. When I was studying in 8th standard (13 years), I lost my mother due to cancer. It was so sudden (within two months) and I was shocked and shaken, and ever since I became a member of the Asraya family. I completed a paramedical course from medical college. Last five years, Asraya gave financial assistance and the Asraya aunties gave the emotional support, so that I could come back to normal life.

I am glad to inform that I got first rank in Kerala state for my course. I sincerely thank Asraya for the financial and emotional support in my formative years to get the best result.

A Mother’s testimony

My name is Vasantha. I am from a poor family. In 2002 my daughter was detected with cancer. For a family with hand to mouth existence, it was impossible to meet the expenses for treatment. Asraya was the only consolation. My daughter is now cured completely. Asraya supported her financially for both treatment and education. In between, my husband also became a cancer patient. Whatever little time he lived, Asraya gave financial assistance for medicine as well as for existence.

Asraya gave financial assistance for the marriage of my daughter Now she is leading a happy life with her husband and child. May God bless Asraya aunties to continue rendering their service.