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Asraya is a registered voluntary organization (Reg. No. T 1684/99) founded in 1996. It all started when Mrs. Santha Jose happened to accompany one of her relatives, a cancer patient, to the Regional Cancer Centre in Trivandrum for treatment. The plight of hundreds of cancer patients struggling with the same disease moved her so much that she firmly resolved to make a difference in their lives. This idea was shared with a group of like-minded ladies and they met the Director of RCC, Dr. M. Krishnan Nair, Dr. Paul Sebastian, HOD of Head and Neck, and the Chief Nursing Superintendent, Sister Vijaya with this vision in mind. The idea of starting such a support system was met with great encouragement from the RCC authorities and Asraya All Women Charity Organisation was founded in 1996. Ever since, Asraya has been rendering exemplary service in this field for the past 18 Mrs. Santha Jose and a few of her friends with an aim to support poor cancer patients and their families socially, emotionally and financially. Asraya volunteers comprise of around 300 service-minded women, mainly housewives and retired career women, motivated by concern, sympathy and love for the poor and suffering. Asraya was started when there were no other welfare agencies providing this level of support in the Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum.


  • Cancer Awareness Classes & Detection Camps
  • Chemotherapy Support
  • Donations to Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum
  • Financial Aid
  • Free Drug Bank Support
  • Guidance at Out-Patient stage
  • Lymphoedema Services
  • Palliative Support
  • Pediatric patient support
  • Rehabilitation
  • Volunteer Training


  • To help cancer patients fight the disease with dignity.
  • To provide emotional, physical, and financial support to the patients and their families.
  • Alleviate suffering – be it through a listening ear, a soothing touch, counseling or through money, food, or clothing.
  • To arrange financial help for education of children, marriage of daughters, and means of livelihood to the widows and other family members of terminally ill patients.
  • To rehabilitate cancer survivors and their dependents and make them self-reliant.
  • To educate the patients and their wards about health, welfare and insurance schemes instituted by the Government
  • Educate the layman on the need for early detection and prevention of cancer.
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K.C. Pillai Memorial Award (2012)
Providence Healthcare Murinjapaalam
Sheik Ansari Award
Jayendran (HLL)
Sir George William Manavaseva Award (2009)
Award from Senior Citizen’s Forum (2006)
Pullikkottil Mathew and Chinnamma Mathew Memorial Award 2006